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About Sphere 1 Logistics Inc.

Sphere 1 Logistics Inc.Sphere 1 Logistics Inc. is British Columbia’s First Logistics Management and Freight Consulting firm located in Vancouver, Canada. We provide International Shipping and Global Supply Chain Solutions incorporating Air, Ocean, Courier, Trucking and Intermodal Freight Services.

Typically, companies have reached out to us because they have been:

  • Frustrated with the hassles of shipping their products
  • Concerned with the rising costs of shipping
  • Angry that their existing carrier is not reliable
  • Aggravated over the lack of communication from their present carrier/broker
  • Overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork they have to complete
  • Fed up over the amount of damaged freight at the receiving end

our vision

Mission Statement:

To maximize our customer value by providing the highest quality transportation information, audit recovery and logistics services for all of our customers. This will be achieved through trust, respect and overall results.

Our primary goal is to help our clients become more competitive regionally, nationally and/or globally through reducing their transportation expenditures.

Why Sphere 1?

We distinguish ourselves from others by providing our clients with a more suitable alternative in managing their global supply chain and shipping requirements.

As part of our approach we work with our clients to: Discover the grey areas in their supply chain process; Customize a cost savings and distribution method to improve their bottom line; Implement a sustainability program to maintain the cost savings; Monitor the program for consistency within their organization.

Our Core Values



We hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity and strive daily to build our reputation through trust, respect and honesty. Our commitment to performance and ethical standards is reflected at the heart of every decision we make.



We foster a culture of coaching and teamwork with the underlying goal of helping our clients succeed. Together these values are the benchmarks that define our daily actions as we continuously work to strengthen relationships with our clients.



Our Commitment means doing our best to meet and exceed our clients expectations by providing shipping solutions that create value and improve the sustainability of operations.



We build integrity with our clients through a responsive approach to uphold our commitment of delivering excellence. Our dedicated professionals work diligently and stand behind everything we do to deliver customized logistical solutions to help our clients succeed.



As we continue to meet new global challenges, our innovative problem-solving tactics evolve. We listen, observe, anticipate, and act differently with the goal of creating new logistics solutions that drive continuous improvement.



Our consultants have over 55 years of international senior business experience in providing a broad spectrum of logistics and consulting services in three interlocking areas: Global Logistics Services – Business & Marketing Consulting –Sales & Management Development.

We have represented a diverse client base; from small businesses to some of the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies.



At Sphere 1 Logistics our role is to provide our clients with One Stop Logistics Solutions.

We pride ourselves on being a solutions based organization and take the time required to understand our customers needs, connecting people and companies world-wide through our Air, Ocean, Courier, Trucking and Intermodal Freight Services.

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