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Special Projects

Our Commitment

Whether your cargo is over-sized, heavy lift, or time sensitive, understanding your company goals, your customer’s needs, and your project requirements are critical to the planning and execution of any successful specialized project movement.

Specialized Project movements demand a top-class logistics provider’s input at every step of the process. Our precise attention to detail is essential in our commitment to our clients thorough consultation, meticulous cost planning and identifying the most suitable mode of transportation it allows us to ensure professional execution.

Special Projects

Project Planning – What We Cover

  • Project set-up
  • Vendor and Client Counterpart Liaison
  • Selection of, and Negotiations with, Transportation Specialists and Forwarding Agents
  • Co-ordination of Civilian and/or Police Escorts Wherever Needed in the Move
  • Perform a Route Survey for the Proposed Travel Route
  • Customs Activities & Regulations
  • Obtaining Permits and Licenses
  • Unloading/Loading (Crane, Remove Blocking/Bracing)

Sphere 1 Logistics can purposefully design and offer you the complete
Door-to-Door, Port-to-Port or Port-to-Door transportation service.



Our consultants have over 55 years of international senior business experience in providing a broad spectrum of logistics and business consulting services in three interlocking areas: Global Logistics Services – Business & Marketing Consulting –Sales & Management Development.

We have represented a diverse client base; from small businesses to some of the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies.


& Analysis

We pride ourselves in being a solutions based organization by taking the time required to understand our customers needs.

Sphere 1 Logistics provides professional analyses to ensure clients are connected with the best carriers for their needs. The foundation of the analysis is designed to optimize logistics requirements to save time and money.

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