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Freight Bill Audit Analysis

Sphere 1 Logistics provides professional analysis, information and expertise to help you source and connect with the best possible carriers for your requirements.
Our Freight Audit Specialists are focused on optimizing your logistics requirements by identifying cost effective transportation solutions.

A clear set of recommendations will be made that are linked directly into your supply chain in your business model. If required, our consultants may assist in the execution of the implementation plan up to, and including, continuous improvement scenarios.


Freight Bill Audit Analysis

Our auditing process:

  • Standard Base Rate – We have negotiated  fair base rate with all of our carriers which means no mystery price fluctuations for you.
  • Negotiate – We constantly negotiate to keep incidental costs to a minimum.
  • Watch – We audit every step of your shipping transaction
  • Contest Unsupported Charges – If you are being charged incorrectly or being charged without the proper supporting documentation, we will dispute the charge on your behalf.

As a client of Sphere 1 you will do less, save money, and have a complete database of your logistics information at your fingertips.



Our consultants have over 55 years of international senior business experience in providing a broad spectrum of logistics and business consulting services in three interlocking areas: Global Logistics Services – Business & Marketing Consulting –Sales & Management Development.

We have represented a diverse client base; from small businesses to some of the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies.



At Sphere 1 Logistics our role is to provide our clients with “One Stop Logistic Solutions.”

We pride ourselves on being a solutions based organization and take the time required to understand our customers needs, connecting people and companies world-wide through our Air, Ocean, Courier, Trucking and Intermodal Freight Services.

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