Freight Audit & Analysis

Freight Bill Audit & Analysis

Sphere 1 Logistics provides professional analysis, information and expertise to help you source and connect with the best possible carriers for your requirements. Our Freight Audit Specialists are focused on optimizing your logistics requirements by identifying cost effective transportation solutions.

Our Auditing Process

Standard Base Rate

We have negotiated fair base rates with all of our carriers which means no mystery price fluctuations for you. One Word - we keep it 'simple.'


We constantly negotiate with our carriers to keep identical costs to a minimum.


We audit every step of your shipping transactions to make sure you are always getting your money's worth.

Contest Charges

If you are being charged incorrectly or being charged without the proper supporting documentation, we will dispute the charge on your behalf.

Supply Chain Management Analysis

Supply Chain Management account for one of the highest operational costs of doing business. At Sphere 1 Logistics our goal is to create a fast, efficient, and low-cost network of business relationships to ensure your product gets to your market at the most efficient and effective means possible.

We realize the process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient, effective flow of goods and services from the point of origin to the point of consumption is critical to an organizations success. Therefore, it is essential the design and administration of such systems to control the flow of materials be second to none.

Our primary focus is to develop and implement improvements within the following three (3) areas of our clients Supply Chain Management System:

Logistical Network

A superior logistical network based on systematic analysis creates a competitive advantage. Through supplier selection, communication and base development we work in-depth with our logistic suppliers to ensure continuous client support.

Information & Transport

Accurate forecasting, order management and timely information are key aspects to logistic performance and cost, speed and reliability are key determinants of the effectiveness of a supply chain management system.

Inventory Management

If required, our analysists will develop or redesign your entire logistic management system, detailing levels and locations of inventory within the system; the numbers, location and functions of warehouses, modes, amounts and timing of transportation capacity. Inventory management systems are a necessity to achieve quality customer service with minimum inventory investment.

Your Logistics Partner

Do Less & Save Money

As our client you will do less, save money, and have a complete database of your logistics information at your fingertips